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If you would like to offer your support in a more professional level, to be validate as internships from international organisations and academic institutions. Please contact us directly to our email account, to find current open vacancies and possibilities to collaborate together. Send us your work proposal, all required information for the internship, and contact of your institution.

Would you love to volunteer but can’t make the trip to Lebanon? No worries!! There are many options to help from home!!

For the online volunteering…

We ask for your understanding that we have to stick to a couple of professional standards for the selection of our Albi Maak volunteers. Most notably, we have to insist on a highly motivated attitude, some experience in the relative expertise area, and availability to work independently/efficiently to create a commitment with these communities.

In Lebanon, we are still facing so many problems to connect virtually with the world. With the current economic crisis, rank by the World Bank as in the global top 3 worst crisis of the last 150 years!  

These multiple crisis; economic, political, refugee, health, and lastly the explosion of the port of Beirut which led to more than 200 deaths and negative socio-economic repercussions along all the country. Had make our work very difficult to manage, still we are trying to live through these critical effects like the lack of public services creating a shortage and deadly conflicts for water, medicines, fuel, internet/telephone signal, or only 2 hours of public electricity; forcing us to rely on private generators to survive, which are run with fuel, the scarce and every time more expensive good.

Therefore, we would love to receive your support from abroad to help us managing our virtual impact on the world and be able to achieve our goals. 

We do not have any overhead staff. All those supporting our work abroad are volunteer members. Here some ideas of what you can do:

Partnership writer/analyst

Community manager

Web site designer

Graphic designer

Media editor

For more details, please download the volunteers’ general information file (link to download files). If you meet the requirements and will be happy to contribute to the cause, please fill the application form and send it as soon as possible! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Testimonies from around the globe!

Since our establishment in 2021, we have received the support of a bunch of volunteers from all backgrounds! You can learn about their work and experience from their own words and life memories captured below. You can also find an interactive blog space where you can leave your opinion and suggestions for the good of the initiative!