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The family, especially children, needs the hands of the brave and heroes. Engage, speak, volunteer, donate and give every child a fair chance to succeed.

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Our social support tackles the root causes of extreme vulnerability across Akkar, the poorest region in Lebanon – meaning your donation can transform a life in any number of ways.


It could provide the seeds, tools, health, or training that offer a secure livelihood to a vulnerable family of Syrian refugees who have been living in a tent for the past 10 years, running from a war which have destroyed their lives in all aspects. Or it could be the vital support of a Lebanese family which the current crisis has pushed them to the poverty line and are struggling to survive. Or even helping both entities through a medical free support which they cannot find in any part of the region. 


It could support a child with the education they need for a brighter future or provide the shelter they need in a time of emergency.


It could empower vulnerable women to overcome the gender inequalities that have pushed her into poverty, or it could fund one of our many innovations that help lift people out of poverty.


One thing is for sure, your donation will go wherever it is needed most to the people who need it most. You will definitely change the lives of a family, which will touch their history forever. And if you request it we can even get you in contact to have regular communication with your beneficiary to follow the improvement process !




Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life

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