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The Society of My Heart is With You, the Science and Technology Center in Deir Ammar, held a lecture on guiding and guiding students in choosing an academic specialization, focusing on the following points:
Focusing on the talents and abilities of each person to be able to choose the specialty that suits his skills.
– Competence in the field of work in the working group.
Choosing a major is a subjective decision, and it must be an individual one, without being influenced by external influences such as parents, society, life circumstances, etc.
Success is available to everyone, and it is equally important to believe in yourself and that you can reach the goal.
– Operation process.
You’re the only one who makes you rest on your way.
The lecture was presented by the association’s base, Dr. Hanan Matar, and there was an intervention by the association’s activist, Claire Hayek, who was a beautiful presentation .